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  • The PKS Law Firm strives to provide the highest quality of legal services from the first consultation with a would-be client to the final resolution of a legal matter. You can be assured of hands-on attention from start to finish by PKS founder Surendran K Pattel, attorney and counselor at law, who brings to each case and every document a wealth of experience in civil and criminal matters in Texas and his native India. In addition, Mr. Surendran maintains contact with numerous attorneys in both the United States and India who can act as consultants or provide supplemental legal services and expertise as needed.

    Pks law firm's areas of practice include (but are not limited to):

    Civil Litigation

    Criminal Litigation

    PKS stands ready to represent clients charged with criminal offenses in state and federal courts, on charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies.

    Family Law

    As a husband and father, Mr.Surendran brings a family man’s compassion and understanding to such emotionally chargedissues as separation and divorce, child custody and visitation, childand spousal support, mediation, restraining orders, and document preparation.


    There are few more controversial and complex issues in the United States at moment than immigration. Mr.Surendran is especially knowledgeable and sympathetic to the to the needs of those who seek asylum, employment status, and/or citizenship in the United States.

    International Law

    His studies in international law at the University of Houston Law Center, as well as his broad-based professional experiences in Texas and India, have given Mr. Surendran a global perspectivecoupled with expertise in such areas as international oil and gas contract; international criminal and business law; risk assessment; and international negotiations. In addition, Mr. Surendran has a command of English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Sanskrit.

    Real Estate (Commercial and Residential):

    PKS clients include individuals and businesses involved in residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigation. PKS represents those who require legal assistance with purchase and sales transactions;residential and commerciallease negotiations; title disputes; and all other real estate matters.

    Wills and Probate

    PKS provides advice and counsel in estate-planning matters, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, and guardianship. In addition, we deal with matters involved in estate administration and probate.

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